The new European sneaker marketplace for iOS and Android is almost here.

Sign up and receive a unique in-app title as well 50% off your trading fees for the first month when Stride goes live.

Your next sneaks are only a swipe away

Stride is a new mobile marketplace for secondhand sneakers. We make it easy for you to find just the sneakers you're interested in and when you're ready to bid or straight up buy them, they're just a click away.

As a seller, it couldn't be easier to put your sneakers up for sale. Take a few photos within the app, write some info about them - boom, you're good to go. And, if you want even more eyes on them, share your listing on Facebook.

You will always be safe with Stride

Automatic e-mail, Facebook and payment verification of all Striders, together with ratings and comments, will make you trust the people you do business with, even without knowing them.

Payments are done via Stripe, the leading platform for payments on e-commerce and online marketplaces. As an extra precaution the money will automatically be frozen and only transferred when both parties are satisfied with the deal. Stride only charges 5% of seller's end price as a transaction fee.

If there should be any problems, our support team is standing by and ready to help you in whatever way we can. Our main goal is to make your sneaker trading as fun and carefree as possible.

Stride is the easiest and most convenient way to sell and buy sneakers along with people all over Europe. Join us now.