Interview: William Bachmann – creator of Yeezymarket Denmark and Epsilon Magazine

My name is William Bachmann. I am known in Denmark for creating the Facebook group Yeezymarket Denmark and internationally for all my good sales and co-creating Epsilon Magazine with Oliver Berg. I am 20 years old and studying for my bachelor’s degree in international business communication and language. Once I am done the world is mine to conquer.

What was the first pair of sneakers you bought?

Going back a couple of years to 2013 the first pair of “real” sneakers I got was the Asics collaboration with Concepts “Three Lies”.

Why did this particular sneaker catch your attention?

The sneaker had everything IMO, even though most people weren’t fond of them due to the color blocking. I believe it is one of the best Concepts collabs.

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What did the shoe mean to you (and your friends) at the time?

As mentioned the shoe is one of the most disliked Asics of all time. I however rocked the shit out of it. In the end it got so beaten I had to get a new pair.

Where were you in your life at the time?

After moving to Denmark the interest slowly started growing. But it really got into me when I was doing international economics and cultural understanding in high school. It suddenly became all about the sneakers and creating a fit based on the sneakers.

What gave you the idea of starting “Yeezymarket Denmark”?

The idea rose after having a group conversation with a couple of friends – Daniel Jensen and Nicolai Knudsen (@supreme8tusinde). We were missing a place to sell our Yeezy stock, so why not create your own selling page. We are currently close to 15.000 members and growing every single day.

Do you have any hopes for what it could be?

I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that we want a bigger group with a focus on mainly going international compared to being within just Denmark. We are witness to a massive growth and simultaneously the Yeezy collaborations are becoming more and more accessible with each shoe they produce.

What do you consider a must-have sneaker and why?

My must have sneaker is the collaboration between Asics and Ronnie Fieg “Miami”. This is followed up by the “Flamingo” and the Solefly x Asics “Night Haven”.

Mingos. #asicsteam #Asicsaddict

Et billede slået op af William Bachmann (@bestlegsinthegame) den

Which shoes would you choose if you were to keep only 3 pairs of sneakers in your closet and why?

After having sold a big chunk of my collection, my 3 must have pairs are definitely:

  1. Asics x RF “Miami”. This shoe has the perfect color blocking – especially for the summer.
  2. Asics x Solefly “Night Haven”. I mean have you seen the shoe? It has perfect materials. The toebox is made of Ostrich leather. It might seem simple to a lot of people with its dull black color, but the small details such as the pink-ish on the sole and the turquois Asics tiger stripes are brilliant.
  3. New Balance x Concepts “Rose”. Another shoe where the execution is on a whole other level than most others. It is a hard shoe to rock, but if you can perform it, it will be brilliant.


What determines which pair of sneakers you wear on a given day?

The weather and what I am doing on that day. If I have to dress formal I am more likely to not choose sneakers, but go classic like a pair of Lanvin or Moncler shoes. If I am going to class I will wear joggers and a pair of fresh sneakers. I am not really picky about what colors are in and so on.

What’s your favorite collab and what’s your grail?

Favorite collaboration of all time I believe must be the Toothpaste package delivered by Solebox (Hikmet) and New Balance. The shoes are so good looking that I can’t see what else would take the prize.

My grail – which I obtained this year – is the Made In Japan Asics Vegetable Tan. It was a tough hunt, but in the end I got my size 13 with special box and everything. I cannot wait to bring the out in the summer and see how they will age. The thing I like most about this shoe is that every pattern will be unique to how the person wears it, meaning no shoe will look the same. I cannot thank the person enough – and he sure knows who he is.

Which release/drop are you looking most forward to this year?

As the year is soon to be over the most anticipated release this year were definitely Asics x RF “Mossads” (Militia or what ever he chooses to call them). I have a few offers on the table for a 13, but I can’t justify paying $1000 for shoes anymore.

Which upcoming designers (sneaker brands) are you expecting great things from?

Diadora have really stepped up their game these two past years. Quality is great and most color blockings are on point as well. Sadly, there are way too many collaborations to be able to collect them all.

Where do you cop?

I mostly cop online via Facebook groups or via friends. Last year we copped a lot of shoes instore due to the 25’th anniversary of the Gel Lyte III. This has gone downhill ever since.

Alfreds #Asicsaddict #asicsteam

Et billede slået op af William Bachmann (@bestlegsinthegame) den

What your most memorable experience in 2016?

This did not happen in 2016, however this is a great story which spread all across the world. When the collaboration between Ronnie Fieg, Diamond Supply and Asics dropped, I missed out online. So I called up my good friend Claus Nelson (@Claus Nelson) and asked if he was ready to go to London. Two hours later we were headed for DoverStreetMarket and camped outside the store. Sadly we did not get our pair due to unforeseen reasons, so we had to pay resell. After that most people were amazed that we actually went that far just to fail.

The most memorable experience in 2016 was visiting Crepe City for the first time. I flew over with a couple of friends and spent the weekend in London. I mean Crepe City is amazing – sadly I did not pick anything up. There were not any grails in my size. But we had a nice weekend with a lot of good food and conversation.

If you could give one piece of style advice what would it be?

Don’t believe in the hype. Wear what ever the f*** you want and just have fun.

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